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"Absolutely Remarkable"

- Flying magazine, February 2011

One of the industry's leading publications takes its first flight in the Eclipse jet and gives a great review.

Read the article

Advantages to the Total Eclipse

  • Fly at speeds in excess of 430 mph
  • Pressurized comfort above the weather
  • Enjoy the safety of two jet engines
  • Lowest fuel burn of any jet on the planet
  • Lowest acquisition cost in class
  • Tip-to-tail factory certified warranty

Fly Safe, Fly Fast, Fly the Total Eclipse Jet

The Total Eclipse twin-engine jet was built to exceed industry standards for safety, luxury, and efficiency.

Total Eclipse program customers can buy a fully configured EA500 aircraft that encompasses all currently available features and functionality. Specific components will include flight to 41,000 feet, 20,000 cycle airframe life, an on-board color radar, electronic moving maps and eCharts (Jeppesen) all presented directly on the Total Eclipse multifunction display through the fully integrated Avio IFMS FMS. Every Total Eclipse, priced at $2.15 million, also includes a tip-to-tail factory warranty.

Take a look around our site. See the incredible number of advantages to flying the world's most fuel efficient jet. Contact us if you'd like to know more.


According to the National Business Aviation Association, 70% of all private flights in the U.S. carry three or fewer passengers and cover less than 800 nautical miles. The Total Eclipse twin-engine jet suits these mission types perfectly, but can go well beyond the NBAA’s typical mission profile.

Offering speeds of up to 430 mph at a maximum service ceiling of 41,000 feet, the Total Eclipse covers a 1,125 nautical mile IFR range with up to four passengers. With access to over 10,000 U.S. airports, you have the freedom to travel directly to your destination without the hassle of connecting flights, long security lines, or lengthy delays.


The Total Eclipse comes standard with the fully integrated Avio IFMS flight management system. Avio IFMS acts as a virtual co-pilot, assisting you in every aspect of flight, from takeoff to landing.

Every Total Eclipse aircraft is delivered with a fresh 300-hour, 24-month inspection and are accompanied by a one-year tip-to-tail factory warranty. Pratt & Whitney engines compliment the Total Eclipse and come protected with the Gold Engine Service Plan (ESP Link?) paid current to the date of delivery.


The interior of the Total Eclipse was designed with relaxation in mind. The standard, all-leather executive interior, designed by BMW Designworks USA, includes ergonomically balanced seating, dual-climate zone temperature controls, electrical outlets, reading lights, and a host of other features you would expect to find on aircraft costing millions more.

The exceptional insulation materials used in the Total Eclipse jet keeps the noise levels down, allowing passengers to conduct business or rest comfortably while in flight. In fact, the Total Eclipse is a full 40 decibels below stringent Level 4 noise requirements. Comfortably quiet inside, less noise pollution on the outside.


The Total Eclipse jet has the lowest acquisition cost of any twin-engine jet on the market today. And at $623 per hour, or $1.68 per nautical mile, the Total Eclipse also has the lowest direct operating cost of any jet every built. In fact, according to a 2010 report by Conklin and de Decker, the fuel cost for the Total Eclipse is approximately 30% less than its nearest competitor.

The Total Eclipse twin-engine jet is superior to all other aircraft in its class in general performance and handling capabilities, avionics and instrumentation, overall economics, comfort, and environmental responsibility.

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