Eclipse in the News

New Eclipse Jets Will Feature Avio IFMS
Aviation Week, by Robert Hewson

Eclipse Aerospace Inc. will make the AvioNG fully-integrated flight management system (FMS) the standard for all new production Total Eclipse very light jets. Although the company still won't name a date for the restart of manufacturing, it says the aircraft and the cockpit are fully finished, no-risk designs, just waiting for a go-ahead. The new AvioNG standard will be available for retrofit to all of the 260 Eclipse 500 aircraft previously delivered, replacing the current "1.7 standard" FMS.

Developed by Innovative Solutions & Support Inc. (IS&S) the AvioNG provides coupled localizer performance with vertical guiding (LPV) approach, airways/Victor route navigation, required navigational performance (RNP) (auto/manual), holding patterns and procedure turns, parallel offsets, storage for ninety-nine flight plans, user-defined waypoints, nearest airports and navigation aids, optical bypass switch (OBS) mode, present and on-route information.

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