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SimCom's Eclipse Sims Receive FAA Level D Certification

Orlando, Fla. and Albuquerque, N.M., September 2, 2010 – Eclipse Aerospace, in conjunction with SimCom Training Centers, today announced the FAA has awarded Level D certification of the EA500 full motion simulators located in Orlando, Fla. SimCom also received FAA approval for its Eclipse 500 pilot training program that includes Initial, Recurrent, Differences and Mentor training. Eclipse 500 pilots will be able to schedule factory approved training provided by SimCom as early as October 2010.

“SimCom is pleased to have secured FAA approval of the Eclipse simulators and our training programs,” said Wally David, President and CEO of SimCom Training Centers. “We are proud to provide Eclipse 500 pilots with a professional, high-quality simulator-based training program. Pilots will gain experience and hone their skills in a highly realistic training environment, utilizing both simulator and classroom learning.” David further noted that SimCom’s classrooms are also equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced training courseware including animated systems presentations, technical systems manuals and cockpit procedure trainers.

The EA500 is the world’s first “Very Light Jet.” With a cruising speed of 425 miles per hour and a capable distance of over 1,100 non-stop nautical miles the EA500 is perfect for regional business travel or the weekend vacationer. The Eclipse twin-engine jet is able to fly at a 41,000 foot ceiling and burn as little as 48 gallons of fuel per hour.

SimCom and Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. initially announced the strategic partnership to provide pilot training for EA500 owners and operators earlier in the year. The agreement established SimCom as the exclusive provider of factory authorized simulator based training for Eclipse.

“The professionalism that SimCom extends to each of its clients made them an easy choice for this partnership,” said Mason Holland, President and CEO of Eclipse Aerospace. “They have consistently tracked ahead of schedule for each milestone in our relationship. As we move forward, they will be a great asset to Eclipse and our customers.”
For more information on SimCom’s Eclipse 500 training programs or to register, pilots can visit the company’s website www.simulator.com  or call 1.800.272.0211 or 407.275.1050.


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