EAI Press Release

Eclipse Jet Returns to 41,000 Feet

Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. (EAI) today announced the approval by the FAA for all Eclipse Jets to return to a maximum certified service ceiling of 41,000 feet. This will be effective for owners and pilots immediately upon the installation of the recently recertified combustion liners. EAI and Pratt and Whitney Canada, Corp (P&WC) have both been strongly committed to resolving this issue which previously resulted in carbon buildup on the static vane on a limited number of P&WC PW610F engines.

The return to 41,000 feet is the last in a long list of certification projects Eclipse Aerospace has successfully completed for the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet. “This modification will once again provide our customers with the convenience and efficiency of flying above most adverse weather conditions, travel at faster speeds, and burn less fuel,” said Mason Holland, Chairman and CEO of Eclipse Aerospace. “What an exciting time for Eclipse and our customers. The return to 41,000 feet has been among the most difficult challenges to overcome in our restart program. By completing the combustion liner replacement project, we are officially announcing that the commitments to our existing customers have all been successfully met. We look forward to continuing to provide service for our customers while advancing innovations for the Eclipse Twin- Engine Jet.”

With the full recertification program now complete, Eclipse Aerospace will continue to focus and ramp engineering and support efforts to return the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet to production. EAI continues to expand, recently announcing 75 new open positions in all phases of operations including engineering, supply chain, quality, inspection, and IT. “Are we announcing production restart yet? No, but I think we are sending some strong signals to the market of our intentions, as we are on target with all major elements of our business plan”, Holland states.


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