Eclipse Referral Program

We at Eclipse Aerospace know that our best source of new customers are from our existing customers and friends. We are all excited about the fantastic attributes of our product and our bright future.

The Eclipse Referral Program is designed to recognize and reward our customers and friends who provide new referrals that purchase an Eclipse Jet. The program is simple, here is how it works:

Upon receipt of your online registration of the referral, EAI will:

In recognition of your referral, once a new customer purchases an Eclipse Jet (within 12 months of registering), you will earn your choice of $10,000 in cash or $15,000 in shop labor credits at one of our Eclipse Platinum Service Centers.

That is all there is to it! We know you love the Eclipse Jet and the utility it provides. Help us spread the word so others can enjoy the same great experience of flying an Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet.

Thank You for all you do!

The Eclipse Customer First Team 877.375.7978

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